Beulah the Elephant Lived and Died a Prisoner—Don’t Let Her Death Be in Vain!

Beulah the elephant is dead at the age of 54. Instead of allowing her to pass peacefully at a sanctuary, exploiters worked her nearly until her last breath.

Beulah was being used for photo ops at The Big E fair (formerly the Eastern States Exposition) in West Springfield, Massachusetts. She and other elephants have been used at the event for years. But less than a week into this year’s fair, her handlers—R.W. Commerford & Sons Traveling Petting Zoo—canceled the exhibit without explanation. Days later, the fair announced that she had died.

Greedy humans enslaved Beulah for practically her entire life.

Beulah was taken from her family and her home, and she was deprived of her freedom. Commerford put her in chains and used her to make money for decades without caring that such treatment destroyed both her body and mind.

Beulah the elephant

Beulah’s handler seen here holding a bullhook.

In 2017, Commerford received a citation for failing to provide Beulah with adequate veterinary care for overgrown cuticles. This condition can predispose elephants to painful foot disease, which is a leading cause of death in those held captive.

Beulah desperately needed to be retired, but she never was. She lived in pain and died a prisoner. Commerford must do what’s right by retiring the elephants it’s still holding to a reputable sanctuary.

PETA is once again calling for an end to cruel, dangerous, and archaic wild- and exotic-animal exhibits at The Big E.

Year after year, we’ve called on The Big E to stop supporting the torment of animals, but it’s responded only with bogus legal threats in an attempt to silence us. Last year, the fair caused public outrage after a photo of a suffering elephant named Minnie being forced to give rides to fairgoers went viral. The release of that image was followed by a horrifying video showing a handler violently jerking a camel who appeared to be exhausted. PETA—along with over 100,000 concerned citizens—has called for an end to the fair’s cruel animal acts. Beulah’s death should bring even more shame on The Big E and is all the more reason for the fair to stop exploiting wild animals.

Beulah’s Death Won’t Be in Vain—We’re Going to End Animal Acts

Wild-animal shows are on their way out—circuses are shutting down or dropping their animal acts, and hundreds of venues and dozens of communities are banning them. Yet some fairs still support the exploitation of living, feeling beings for mere minutes of human entertainment. With your help, though, we can end this senseless cruelty:

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